[Photos] [11/02/2014]
Tags: Personal, Pets
An assorted set of pictures of my pets from varying times, though this particular batch has a lot from one singular day. It's going to be an ongoing series, since I have a folder literally labeled Miscellaneous Pet Photos.
[Photos] [01/08/2011]
Tags: Personal
For the uninitiated, Vegas is my hometown. I grew up there after we moved when I was 10.

I got to visit for one day in between flights from Texas and North Dakota. This is the first of FOUR sets of photos I took, walking the Strip.
[Photos] [01/08/2011]
Tags: Personal
Second part of all the photos I took while I was back on the Vegas strip for a while. Mostly consists of architecture.
[Photos] [01/08/2011]
Tags: Personal
Part three of my Vegas photoset. Mainly consists of casino interiors.
[Photos] [01/08/2011]
Tags: Personal
The final part of the photoset of me visiting Vegas briefly. Lots of exterior shots and also food.
[Photos] [07/12/2010]
Tags: Personal
For the longest time, Mom would drive by this zoo place outside of Sanger, TX on the way to work. I can't recall the name of it, which is why I refer to it as such.

We went when my sisters were visiting, on a very hot and humid summer's day.
[Photos] [09/26/2009]
Back when I was in the snooty Honors department, I got to go on a trip to Minneapolis to see a performance of The Importance of Being Ernest. We did a few other things that day too.

All these photos were taken on my phone camera, so they're all of crap quality. Sorry.
[Photos] [09/04/2009]
Labor Day weekend, 2009.

The first major band trip I had since high school was a grueling bus trip to the other end of the country. Literally. We played at both my band director's old high school in Oklahoma and at Texas Tech, who treated us well (and unfortunately set a standard that would not be met until a few years or so later).

These are pictures from that trip. They're all taken on my phone, which is why they're so terrible...
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I am a computer programmer who resides in the slightly-less-Frozen-North.

I love coding, electronic music, video games, Pendulum, anime, eating, a good night's sleep, Starbucks Frappuccinos, Vocaloid, and cats.

Huge fan of Caligula's Horse, Knife Party, Madeon, Pendulum, Porter Robinson, Spor. Listens primarily to video game music, OverClocked Remix tracks, electro house, and drum & bass.

Important Programming Stuff

Languages that I work in on a constant basis: JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, SQL

Languages that I work in for homework all the time: C/C++

Languages I'm well-acquainted with: C/C++, Java

Languages I'm somewhat-acquainted with: Perl, Python 2

Languages I'm learning for fun: Python 3

I am very well-acquainted with Linux - my favorite distro is Arch Linux, with Lubuntu being in second. I know how to install and run Linux-based server software and how to code on them remotely.

If you would like my resume, LinkedIn, and/or portfolio, please contact me at SystemsOnlineAndReady AT gmail.com.

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