[Blog Post] [06/21/2014]
After I saw the film last week (it was good, honestly), I couldn’t put my finger on the things I found wrong with it. I just had this forboding feeling of something…missing. After a week of contemplation, here’s what I came up with (warning, spoilers):
[Blog Post] [06/01/2014]
tl;dr: I thought it was meh, but Jolie was amazing

For why I thought as such, read below (spoiler warning).
[Blog Post] [04/09/2014]
NOTE: Spoilers for Captain America 2 ahead! Also, it’s a rant that may or may not be comprehensible.
[Blog Post] [06/25/2012]
So two nights ago, we lost power. My laptop's batteries died, we had no lighting as the sun went down, which meant that I couldn't draw, and everyone was getting more and more cranky. My mom just said "Screw it, who wants to go see Rock of Ages with me?!". Out of boredom, I decided to go, despite my misgivings - I heard that the movie sucked, but I figured, hey, I was bored, and there's a shirtless Tom Cruise.
[Blog Post] [06/19/2012]
So I saw this movie yesterday and figured that I might as well write a blog post about it.
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I am a computer programmer who resides in the slightly-less-Frozen-North.

I love coding, electronic music, video games, Pendulum, anime, eating, a good night's sleep, Starbucks Frappuccinos, Vocaloid, and cats.

Huge fan of Caligula's Horse, Knife Party, Madeon, Pendulum, Porter Robinson, Spor. Listens primarily to video game music, OverClocked Remix tracks, electro house, and drum & bass.

Important Programming Stuff

Languages that I work in on a constant basis: JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, SQL

Languages that I work in for homework all the time: C/C++

Languages I'm well-acquainted with: C/C++, Java

Languages I'm somewhat-acquainted with: Perl, Python 2

Languages I'm learning for fun: Python 3

I am very well-acquainted with Linux - my favorite distro is Arch Linux, with Lubuntu being in second. I know how to install and run Linux-based server software and how to code on them remotely.

If you would like my resume, LinkedIn, and/or portfolio, please contact me at SystemsOnlineAndReady AT gmail.com.

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Next Project: [TOP SECRET]
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