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I have two computers.

One of them is an overpowered monster of a laptop that runs Minecraft at 120+ FPS and Skyrim at 60+.

Another is an ancient laptop that has far too much cruft on it, broken SD card and optical readers, a missing "a" key on its keyboard, and desperately needs to get a new Linux install because the damn thing is SLOW (dude, it has an ATI graphics card - remember when they existed?).

But even for all of the power my laptop has, there are limitations. These limitations are being a major block from producing.

To produce, I need to run a Windows 7 virtual machine. This takes a minimum of 2 GB of RAM. Unfortunately, Chrome starts demanding like 3 GB of RAM if I leave the damn computer running over a few days, and let’s not even get started on the cycle-eating that Flash and other things do. Clementine, my music player of choice, is fucking slow. I also have PuTTy and WinSCP running. Programmer’s Notepad 2. Steam. The occasional Skyrim or Minecraft game. My computer is a badass, but it’s not THAT badass.

I think I’ll need to wipe my old laptop, install the tools I need (waaah Programmer’s Notepad 2 doesn’t have a Linux version, I’ll have to settle for broken-ass Gedit), and use that solely for work, programming, and -light- web browsing. I plan on spending less time on tumblr and will make a list on twitter dedicated to people I’d actually LIKE to hear from on a 24/7 basis (friends…Knife Party…other producers). This’ll be the laptop I’ll bring to class too, despite its inferior keyboard…might buy a USB one to make it less annoying.

And then with my powerhouse one, use it as a makeshift desktop machine that I’ll use VMWare on (running FL Studio in a "virtual" Windows 7, because it likes to make Windows BSOD for some reason), Blender, and whenever I feel like I need to kill Dragon Priests by spamming Frost Breath at them like a cheater.

Only annoyance would be to keep the files updated (but Spideroak is fine for that), especially my music library. Will probably run Chrome on the ancient computer because no matter wtf I do, Firefox maxes out one of the two CPU cores that machine has after five minutes (yeah that’s right, we’re so old-school we have fewer cores than the average cellphone). Oh yeah, and the complete lack of deskspace that I have. My power laptop is so fucking huge that I have a hard time finding backpacks to carry it around in. Putting two laptops on a desk is going to be hard, hopefully I’ll have more space in the dorm I’ll be moving into next week.

So yeah…stuff.
About Systems

I am a computer programmer who resides in the slightly-less-Frozen-North.

I love coding, electronic music, video games, Pendulum, anime, eating, a good night's sleep, Starbucks Frappuccinos, Vocaloid, and cats.

Huge fan of Caligula's Horse, Knife Party, Madeon, Pendulum, Porter Robinson, Spor. Listens primarily to video game music, OverClocked Remix tracks, electro house, and drum & bass.

Important Programming Stuff

Languages that I work in on a constant basis: JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, SQL

Languages that I work in for homework all the time: C/C++

Languages I'm well-acquainted with: C/C++, Java

Languages I'm somewhat-acquainted with: Perl, Python 2

Languages I'm learning for fun: Python 3

I am very well-acquainted with Linux - my favorite distro is Arch Linux, with Lubuntu being in second. I know how to install and run Linux-based server software and how to code on them remotely.

If you would like my resume, LinkedIn, and/or portfolio, please contact me at SystemsOnlineAndReady AT gmail.com.

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To Do
Current Project: This Site (On- and Off-server)
+ Fix inexplicable bug on this part of the sidebar
+ Alter design: Navigation Bar
+ Alter design: Subpages & Navigation Scrolling(?)
+ Alter design: different CSS for subpages (color differences etc)
+ Alter design: Reshuffle existing content and databases
+ Alter design: Add programming subtype
+ Add programming items to site
+ Upload script for blogs
+ Existing content cull and update
+ Photo items -> blog items
+ Better photo handling in list scripts
+ Layout case for no posts/SQL query failure
Next Project: [TOP SECRET]
+ Just wait till you see what this site is! ;)
+ Layout mockup (HTML)
+ Layout mockup (Offsite PHP)
+ Get domain and setup server stuff
+ Finish fetching content for [REDACTED]
+ Conversion script for text file to XML file
+ SQL upload script for [REDACTED]
+ Open the site, cry, try not to get blocked on twitter by [REDACTED]