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It seems that even when I cut out most social media and cut down my main twitter feed to a handful of people, I can’t escape idiocy.

Someone posted an article about how dubstep is dead blah blah blah trap is its successor blah. My point is:


I literally have producers on my twitter feed popping out line graphs and retweeting article after article refuting the the idea. You know, because that’s what producers - people who make music - do to refute a point about music.

Let me quote you someone, someone you likely know about if you follow me on here:

"Oh, and by the way — I’m not sure if drum and bass is dead or dying (I’ve been in the studio / on tour too long to tell). However, if your genre was flimsy enough to be knocked over by ONE SINGLE RECORDING ARTIST who happened to — god forbid — sell some fucking records for the first time in about 5/6 years, then I’m glad it was us that got to drive the final stake through its stale pig shit heart — and good riddance. Wake me up when your genre is making something that people outside the scene think is worth listening to again."

That is an excerpt from one of Rob Swire’s last posts on Dogs on Acid after he got a deluge of death threats and hate posts over Granite being revealed as a single for In Silico.

You see that last part? That’s what dubstep artists need to do right now to regain their perceived popularity - release music that people actually want to listen to instead of being bored out of their goddamn skulls like they are right now because you’re catering to the 10% of remaining coked-out masses who want to hear something "dirty".

The fact that dubstep producers are so insecure over a single article about fucking Beatport charts is an indication that they are not confident in their abilities to get people interested in the genre again. It is an indication that they care more about market share and reputation than, you know, actually making music.

Again…WHO CARES if some dude looked at raw stats and wrote an article declaring that dubstep is dead? WHO. CARES. Put your money where your mouth is and release music to prove them wrong.

I might not like your music. I might still find most of your genre banal and boring (way too many people care about being "filthy" than they do about actually sounding musical and interesting). But here’s the thing: no amount of rebuttal articles or Google charts is going to change my opinion. Music will.

You are producers. Music is your craft, music is your weapon, and it’s a far more effective instrument (lol) of persuasion than bitching and moaning about some dude’s article. Fuck graphs, fuck retweets, make music.
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