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So recently, pretty much every review site under the sun gave Bayonetta 2 huge, amazing, glowing reviews (several 10/10s in there). According to every review I've read, the game controls like a dream, acts like a fever dream in both style and how ridiculous every scenario is, and performs near-flawlessly on a console that nearly everyone writes off horsepower-wise. It is apparently one of the best action games of this console generation.

And then there was Polygon, who gave it a 7.5 for being oversexualized. Twitter has already exploded.

Any nuance this potential discussion may have will be buried by tribalism. The GamerGate guys and the SJWs will go at it on twitter like rabid dogs while the discussion topic sits in the corner, forlorn, playing with its toys. Right now, it's already strongly "us vs them".

Personally, I'm not offended by Bayonetta. Originally, I disliked the first game's print ads for being a bit tasteless, but apparently the game itself plays well, Bayonetta herself is made of action movie cheese (and well...so is everything else), and it was considered to be a very good action title. I feel the same about Bayonetta 2 in that respect. Granted...I haven't played them, but I've watched a lot of footage and decided to make my judgement that way.

I'm not offended by Bayonetta for the same reasons why I'm not offended by Kill La Kill - it uses the same trappings of existing works (Devil May Cry - which the devs making up Platinum Games made - and shonen anime, respectively), and throws in ridiculous fanservice while being so ridiculous in every other aspect that you just have to kind of roll with it. It's literally weaponized fanservice, practically a parody of the male gaze omnipresent in gaming and anime, respectively.

I'm also not offended by Bayonetta because the entire premise is based around a strong, female character doing badass shit. It's not a premise we get very often, and when we do, 99% of the time the developers forget that the game actually has to be fun and not be about how hot the lead is. Bayonetta herself goes hand-in-hand with the games' amazing combat system, which makes her designs less obnoxious.

Back when people were freaking out over Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown for its fanservicey female designs, I was in the camp of "not offended", too. Because the female characters, just like the male ones, were there to kick ass and take names, not just "be sexy".

That's where I draw the line. "Is this a useless female fanservice character or someone who's actually important and there to be awesome?" Take for instance, the infamous stinker Ride To Hell: Retribution (of which Men Drinking Coffee did a full let's play of on YouTube for your viewing "pleasure"). Every. Single. Woman. In that game. Exists to have sex with in terribly-animated cutscenes or to be kidnapped or threatened by a bad guy. Literally every single one. Even in the protagonist's backstory, his father BET HIS WIFE IN A BIKE RACE like chattel.

That is what we should be railing against. Not "cheesy woman with guns on her feet who gets skimpier the more powerful she gets killing hordes and hordes of things while saying terrible one-liners because she's a badass". We should be railing against an UbiSoft dev saying that women take too many resources to animate. We should be railing against gratuitous ass-shots in an otherwise serious game (hi there, Mass Effect!).

We should be railing against the vast majority of games not even starring female leads to begin with. It's very easy for some executive to take any kind of criticism against a female lead and interpret it as "they don't want games starring women". In terms of social justice, I believe in a policy of baby steps, and the fact that no such thing will EVER be perfect and not-problematic. Status quo doesn't magically change over time, it changes slowly, and we should accept that.

So alright, scream at the top of your lungs how skimpy Bayonetta's outfit is and how much you hate the camera angles. But also scream at the top of your lungs, "HOLY SHIT WE GOT AN AWESOME FEMALE-CENTERED GAME THAT IS APPARENTLY ONE OF THE BEST ACTION GAMES OF ALL TIME!!". The absolutism present in a lot of modern social justice is why I don't like to take part in it, and I feel it's an ultimately detrimental approach. Take the good with the bad, and go one step at a time.
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