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The following is a list of points gleaned from this phone interview, if you're too busy to listen and just want to read. Or if you hate Flash players. This was posted on my tumblr first, since I KNOW a lot of my followers are fans.

+ The iTunes leak made the album come out literally a week after it had been finished; as stated in the album liner notes, Rob did all of the mixing and mastering himself for Abandon Ship.

+ It had to be made in their old studio because the new one wasn’t ready. He’s working on getting some stuff shipped for it now.

+ Superstar’s instrumental was made on a long flight after he was disappointed with Random Access Memories. The acapella from Monsta/I See Monstas’ Skaar was added afterwards. Filing under "I FUCKING KNEW IT"

+ He says there might be a new Pendulum album next year, he doesn’t know. He says it depends on how Abandon Ship goes; they might actually be doing more Knife Party if the album "takes off" enough.

+ For those of you in Australia, the tour got canned at the last minute because Future Music wanted them to headline and "they couldn’t do both", so they chose just to do that. They could’ve technically done both, but Rob was pretty much like "it wouldn’t have made much sense".

+ The "Hold Your Colour" monologue at the end of the album’s thank you section in the notes was prompted by having so many idiot Pendulum fans give them shit, as well as fans of the "old Knife Party" who "wanted [them] to just make dubstep". "You gotta just take everything with a pinch of salt and just do what you feel like."

+ More backlash was expected for how different the album was; Rob’s surprised by how relatively well it’s being received by both fans and insiders.

+ The "THIS is a knife" in Resistance is both a Crocodile Dundee reference and a Simpsons reference; it is not sampled and is actually a recreation, and they aimed more for the Simpsons version because "the delivery was better". They literally watched the film to sample it and thought the way the lead said the line wasn’t aggressive enough. The voice was done a guy "whose sole job is to recreate samples"…Rob can’t remember his name right now.

+ The vocals for EDM Trend Machine were "just an acapella sent to the label" that they then built the song around. Rob actually doesn’t know very much about the vocalist or where the vocals are from. The acapella was from a "repository" or "graveyard" of unused vocal samples that don’t make it to the big leagues. They were just going through it for lulz to find something. "Some things definitely deserved to stay there in that graveyard."

Thank you moeman for sending me the link! :D
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