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Over the last few years, I've been having these weird places that I keep coming back to in my dreams. These are often based off of existing places but have running themes in my head. I had another one last night, and maybe talking about them will help me exorcise them from my head.

One of the first reoccurring locations is what I call Bizarro Vegas, an area based around the neighborhood I lived in for five years in Las Vegas, Spring Valley. It comes in three flavors: "holy fuck something terrible is about to happen and we need to leave" (least accurate in terms of weather - often really dark and cloudy - more midwest-y), "somehow I missed a class in high school and now I'm retaking classes in high school again" (with almost perfect renditions of my old high school but...off), and "it's been a long time since I've last been here" (where everything is inexplicably built up and different). I've had one dream where I was explicitly chased by something at night and the streetlights did nothing to push back the darkness (hi there, Craig Road!). The first flavor often takes place in dreams of the type "guys, hurry and finish packing up you slackers, we need to leave before the world ends! YOU IDIOTS".

The second is Pahrump, based on the small town outside of Vegas of the same name (it's in the next valley over, and takes like three hours to get to via car). Comes in two flavors: inexplicably metropolitan, with its own little glitzy "Strip" and is always at night, and "small-town but creepy". Both tend to be at night, with varying flavors of horror and confusion. I had the latter flavor last night...man, fuck Pahrump. Particularly the people in it.

The third is for some reason Winnipeg, which comes in the flavors "futuristic metropolitan city" and "small town in a desolate cold wasteland". The former tends to have reoccuring instances of playing at a GIANT hockey stadium, a monorail in the sky, huge skyscrapers, and always takes place at night; the latter has a much longer drive, is always insanely bathed in sunlight like a video game, and seems otherwise relatively normal with good hospitality and an inexplicable theme park an hour's drive away. I've dreamt the former three times and the latter twice.

It'd be hilarious if these were somehow different futures or parallel universes, I could joke that I'm Zelda or something.
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I am a computer programmer who resides in the slightly-less-Frozen-North.

I love coding, electronic music, video games, Pendulum, anime, eating, a good night's sleep, Starbucks Frappuccinos, Vocaloid, and cats.

Huge fan of Caligula's Horse, Knife Party, Madeon, Pendulum, Porter Robinson, Spor. Listens primarily to video game music, OverClocked Remix tracks, electro house, and drum & bass.

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Languages I'm learning for fun: Python 3

I am very well-acquainted with Linux - my favorite distro is Arch Linux, with Lubuntu being in second. I know how to install and run Linux-based server software and how to code on them remotely.

If you would like my resume, LinkedIn, and/or portfolio, please contact me at SystemsOnlineAndReady AT gmail.com.

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