[Blog Post] [11/17/2014]
The following is a list of points gleaned from this phone interview, if you're too busy to listen and just want to read. Or if you hate Flash players. This was posted on my tumblr first, since I KNOW a lot of my followers are fans.
[Blog Post] [11/07/2014]
Abandon Ship somehow came out on iTunes today.
[Photos] [11/02/2014]
Tags: Personal, Pets
An assorted set of pictures of my pets from varying times, though this particular batch has a lot from one singular day. It's going to be an ongoing series, since I have a folder literally labeled Miscellaneous Pet Photos.
[Blog Post] [10/21/2014]
Tags: Personal
Over the last few years, I've been having these weird places that I keep coming back to in my dreams. These are often based off of existing places but have running themes in my head. I had another one last night, and maybe talking about them will help me exorcise them from my head.
[Blog Post] [10/13/2014]
So recently, pretty much every review site under the sun gave Bayonetta 2 huge, amazing, glowing reviews (several 10/10s in there). According to every review I've read, the game controls like a dream, acts like a fever dream in both style and how ridiculous every scenario is, and performs near-flawlessly on a console that nearly everyone writes off horsepower-wise. It is apparently one of the best action games of this console generation.

And then there was Polygon, who gave it a 7.5 for being oversexualized. Twitter has already exploded.
[Blog Post] [09/26/2014]
tl;dr version of Porter Robinson’s Worlds: it is a fucking experience, and you are seriously missing out if you don’t go see it. ESPECIALLY if you’re a fan of his music (and yes…that includes his pre-Worlds stuff).

But for those who want to know…let me recount to you my experience from last night (spoilers will be clearly marked, don’t worry).
[Blog Post] [08/30/2014]
Tags: Dubstep, EDM
It seems that even when I cut out most social media and cut down my main twitter feed to a handful of people, I can’t escape idiocy.

Someone posted an article about how dubstep is dead blah blah blah trap is its successor blah. My point is:

[Blog Post] [08/15/2014]
Tags: Personal
I have two computers.

One of them is an overpowered monster of a laptop that runs Minecraft at 120+ FPS and Skyrim at 60+.

Another is an ancient laptop that has far too much cruft on it, broken SD card and optical readers, a missing "a" key on its keyboard, and desperately needs to get a new Linux install because the damn thing is SLOW (dude, it has an ATI graphics card - remember when they existed?).

But even for all of the power my laptop has, there are limitations. These limitations are being a major block from producing.
[Blog Post] [06/21/2014]
After I saw the film last week (it was good, honestly), I couldn’t put my finger on the things I found wrong with it. I just had this forboding feeling of something…missing. After a week of contemplation, here’s what I came up with (warning, spoilers):
[Blog Post] [06/09/2014]

Isn’t this pretty? It’s a ring I bought from Silvershowroom on Etsy, who have displayed immense patience and caring…because I actually purchased this ring in early March but had to send it back repeatedly because I kept giving them sizes too big for my thumb!
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I am a computer programmer who resides in the slightly-less-Frozen-North.

I love coding, electronic music, video games, Pendulum, anime, eating, a good night's sleep, Starbucks Frappuccinos, Vocaloid, and cats.

Huge fan of Caligula's Horse, Knife Party, Madeon, Pendulum, Porter Robinson, Spor. Listens primarily to video game music, OverClocked Remix tracks, electro house, and drum & bass.

Important Programming Stuff

Languages that I work in on a constant basis: JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, SQL

Languages that I work in for homework all the time: C/C++

Languages I'm well-acquainted with: C/C++, Java

Languages I'm somewhat-acquainted with: Perl, Python 2

Languages I'm learning for fun: Python 3

I am very well-acquainted with Linux - my favorite distro is Arch Linux, with Lubuntu being in second. I know how to install and run Linux-based server software and how to code on them remotely.

If you would like my resume, LinkedIn, and/or portfolio, please contact me at SystemsOnlineAndReady AT gmail.com.

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